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Packing the chronicles of Ayyappa Masagi's walk in the direction encompassing his talks, this book shines light on the evolution and establishment of various ideologies that have helped ensure Water Security to essentially millions of people in addition to promoting a sense of sustainable development in the community.

In essence, this piece of literature helps individuals and organizations reflect and implore on their efforts towards Water use and Management.


English   ₹ 350,-

Kannada ₹ 300,-

10 Reasons to buy the book


  • To know that dry borewells and openwells can be brought back to life


  • To understand the hidden agendas of chemical fertilizer companies to vanish traditional Indian farming practises and make all Indian farmers depend on their products


  • To bust the myths about rainfall, floods and droughts


  • To know the hardships and criticism faced by a Water Warrior who achieved success on farming after quitting lucrative job and city comforts


  • To instill inspiration among your farmer relatives and friends


  • To know atrocities happening on water bodies


  • To know why India does not need exchequer burning dam, cloud seeding an inter-state river linking projects


  • To know what you can do, as a responsible citizen, to address water scarcity and recharge, increase and sustain ground water table


  • To know why most Rainwater Harvesting Projects fail and what is a complete Rainwater Harvesting


  • To learn about hundreds of success stories which stand as testimonials that water scarcity is not because of water shortage but lack of water literacy i.e. water mismanagement
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